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LAMPU LED HORI Lighting, Solar Cell

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05 / 06 / 2024
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Detail LAMPU LED HORI Lighting, Solar Cell

Lampu LED HORI Lighting lighting is a flagship product of PT HONORIS INDUSTRY in the field of lights, which is intended for the people of Indonesia, both in the field of industry, offices, shops and homes. Currently Hori Lighting products are divided into several products namely HORI - Compact Fluorescent Lamp Manufaturing and Hori LED Lighting Manufacturing, where for HORI itself there are various products to meet your needs including LED Candle, LED Bulb, Flood Light LED Strip, Sreet Light, High Bay Light, Down Light, T8 Tube, Par and Spot.

Hori LED Lighting Manufacturing
Certification: ISO 9001-2008, SNI, CE (EMC & LVD / Certification of Complieance)
Hori Lighting offers energy-efficient lighting solutions with advanced and eco-friendly technology products. With this product, PT HONORIS INDUSTRY invites the community to participate in preserving the environment and reduce global warming.
The benefits and advantages of LED Hori include:
LEDs are the most environmentally friendly type of lamps. Mercury-free, energy-efficient, low heat level and durable
The cost of LED energy is 10 times more economical than that of an incandescent lamp.
The efficiency rate reaches 90%, while the incandescent energy consumes up to 98% to generate light and generate heat.
Broad-spectrum LED lights can be applied to various man- ages of need.
For the type and application of our own Hori LED we classify as follows :
LED Bulb and Candle
LED Bulb and Candle Hori are new generation lighting products for lighting in various sectors such as housing, offices, hotels, hospitals and other public facilities. For the type itself is divided into 2 types of LED Bulb and LED Candle with a choice of white light and warm white. LED Bulb and Candle is designed as a substitute for incandescent lamps and other conventional lamps, with high light lumen, durable and environmentally friendly.
LED Spot
Spot Hori LED is a substitute for conventional spot lights or halogen lamps that have low heat rates, durability, efficiency, high light lumens and environmentally friendly. Spot Hori LED is very suitable for home use, hotels, light lighting, painting galleries and other public facilities. Spot Hori LED itself is divided into 3 types of lights, including type E27, Gu10 and Mr16 with the type of white light and warm white
LED Street Light and Flood Light
This product can be applied for stage lighting, street lighting, offices, parks and other outdoor lighting. As a substitute for conventional lamps, these lamps have low heat levels, are durable, efficient, high light lumens and environmentally friendly
LED Tube
This product is designed to replace the TL fluorescent, and this product can be used for lighting in supermarkets, offices, hospitals and other public facilities. This lamp is also efficient with saving electricity consumption up to 60%, durable and environmentally friendly
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